• Annpurna Food Craft Institute
  • Annpurna Food Craft Institute
  • HM College, Chamba
  • HM College, Chamba
  • Annpurna Food Craft Institute
  • HM College, Chamba
  • Annpurna Food Craft Institute
  • HM College, Chamba

Rules and Regulation

Students are expected to behave with decorum and pay respect to the faculty, other staff members and colleagues. Every member of the staff has authority to forbid disorderedly behaviour within and outside the institute premises at all times and has to be obeyed.

Unacceptable behaviour

  • Disrespect to faculty and staff
  • Ragging of juniors, bullying, harassment, etc
  • Use of abusive language/profanity
  • Littering
  • Fighting on premises
  • Possession of illegal material, drugs, arms, etc
  • Stealing
  • Forgery of any kind
  • Coming late or not attending classes
  • Destruction of property

Smoking and consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited on the Institute premises.


Students are required to equip themselves with protective clothing during the practical classes in the laboratories to ensure a hygienic standard while protecting the students themselves. No student will be admitted to a practical class unless properly uniformed and equipped with the necessary tools or accessories as prescribed by the Institute.

Working hours

The Institute works the following hours: 1000hrs to 1700hrs Monday to Saturday

Hostel Rules:

Students should not leave hostel without the permission of warden allocated in hostel.

Students should reach back before  1900hrs if gone out.

Library Rules

 All students are required to read the library rules carefully.

  •   Two library books can be issued per student for the period of 7 days
  •   Books may be re-issued if the same are not in demand. This renewal will be done on the physical presentation of the books.
  •   All library books should be kept in safe custody and not be damaged.
  •   Defaulting students Will have to pay cost price of the book plus 25% of this price.


The Institute has a first-aid box  available .

Notice Board

All the official communication for students will be displayed on the Student Notice Board on the Institute premises. Class timetables/ schedules, examination schedules,  important general information is displayed here from time to time.

The students are advised to check this frequently in order to keep themselves updated with the current information regarding Institute activities.


The total fees is break down into three easy  installment by understanding the financial problems of the rural students. The installments are as follows

1st  Installment     15000/-  on Admission
2nd Installment        15000/- on the day when student leave for Industrial training.
3rd  Installment          15000/-  on the day when student leave for Job Training.

Total fees 45000/- excluding exam fees ( exam fees as per university guidelines).

No extra charge for Food & Accommodation as these facility are free service to every students.

Whom to contact For:-

 1 Change in room , General Inquiries Mr. Ram Prakash Petwal
2 Finance/Fees/Fines Ms. Pooja Uniyal
3 Industrial Training ,Placement Mr. Jitendra Panwar
4 University Coordinator Mr. Bharat Bhushan Singh Rawat
5 Library & Books Mr. Bharat Bhushan Singh Rawat
6 First Aid Mr. Jitendra Panwar, Ms. Maneesha Uniyal
7 Absence/leave Mr. Bharat Bhushan Singh Rawat


Rules and Regulation

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